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Specialty Facials

SWICH Treatment         45 minutes       (Series of twelve treatments) $900  
This facial targets the subdermal layers of the skin creating fiber blast activity and changing cell memory. A systemic acid treatment that drastically decreases pigmentation and lines.

Zien Treatment          60 minutes          $125
This Obagi Skin Health treatment achieves extraordinary results for skin of every age and type. This extensive treatmentincludes the most advanced skin rejuvenation technologies available.

A series of treatments will improve fine line, scarring, pigmentation problems and uneven skin tones while increasing circulation and stimulating collagen.
Treatment without facial -                 35 minutes         - $85
Treatment with facial -                      75 minutes         - $125
Series of three with 75 min facial                               - $345

Perfect Peel by Bella     30 minutes     $125
Dramatic improvements in skin texture, age spots, freckles and superficial pigmentation will be achieved with this unique breakthrough formulation of mild acids. Pores become less visible and a smoother, younger-looking skin emerges. Best results are seen after a series of peels.

Dermaplaning     45 minutes     $125
Also known as “Blading”, this removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells and any facial hair leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. A non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation. Best results when applied in conjunction with peels.


(Prices Subject to change at any time)