Specialty Facials

SWICH Treatment 45 minutes (Series of twelve treatments)

This facial targets the subdermal layers of the skin creating fiber blast activity and changing cell memory. A systemic acid treatment that drastically decreases pigmentation and lines.

Zien Treatment 60 minutes

This Obagi Skin Health treatment achieves extraordinary results for skin of every age and type. This extensive treatmentincludes the most advanced skin rejuvenation technologies available.


A series of treatments will improve fine line, scarring, pigmentation problems and uneven skin tones while increasing circulation and stimulating collagen.

Treatment without facial - 35 minutes

Treatment with facial - 75 minutes

Series of three with 75 min facial

Perfect Peel by Bella 30 minutes

Dramatic improvements in skin texture, age spots, freckles and superficial pigmentation will be achieved with this unique breakthrough formulation of mild acids. Pores become less visible and a smoother, younger-looking skin emerges. Best results are seen after a series of peels.

Dermaplaning 45 minutes

Also known as “Blading”, this removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells and any facial hair leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. A non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation. Best results when applied in conjunction with peels.

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